Ir. Robert Vanden Eynde

27 years old – Passionate, enthusiast and pedagogue

Computer Science Engineer

+32 474 78 15 97

robertvandeneynde | robertve92

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2020 - 2020 Software Developer (Odoo, Belgique)

2018 – now External teaching assistant in Polytechnique and Sciences Écononomiques (ULB, Brussels)

2h/week during one quadrimester C++ programming class INFOH304 in 3rd year of Polytechnique, section informatique et biomédical. Python/Django programming class INFOS302 in 3rd year of Sciences Écononomiques, tronc

2018 – 2020 Teacher computer science at Institut de l'Assomption (Brussels)

13h/week, 6 classes having 1h/week Initiation to programming (python) for students of secondary school (13 to 16 years old) creating video games (pygame), and websites programming (html/css) —

2015 – 2020 Teacher of extra-curricular courses at Lycée Emile Jacqmain (Brussels)

2 groups having each 1h/week Initiation to programming for students of secondary school (14 to 16 years old) creating video games. This course was started on my own initiative —

2017 – 2018 Physics teaching assitant at ULB (Brussels)

Full time Teaching assitant for Physics class PHYSS1001 at the Solvay Business School – ULB —

2017 – End of my studies, trip 5 months in Australia

2015 – 2017 Technical leader for web platform Benjago

1h/week during 3 years Development for web platform Benjago. Leader for technical choices, back-end development, team coordination between founder, designer and front-end developer —

2013 – 2015 Student Assistant at École Polytechnique and Solvay Business School (ULB)

3h/week Guidance seminars in computer science for bachelor students.

2010 – 2017 Private tuition in computer science, physics and mathematics

2015 Web development for and development of a prototype for Pickeat project

40h for and 20h for Pickeat Python and AngularJS development for and web development for Pickeat, an application for a future restaurant chain. The prototype is accessible if you ask —

2013 Finalist in television show Starter RTBF

Starter is a television show that encourages young entrepreneurs to create their startup.

2012 – 2013 Three times finalist at some computer science contests

Twice finalist in the French Computer Science Competition Prologin (Paris) and one time finalist at Olympiades belges d'


Programming skills


Python  / C++ / Java / OpenGL / Qt


HTML5 / CSS3 / JS / jQuery / AngularJS / Django / Linux Server / nginx / SQL


Java, Phonegap


2017 – 2018

~15/30 ECTS in AESS (Agrégation de l'enseignement secondaire) (not finished)

2014 – 2017

Master in Computer Science and Engineering in Polytechnique (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

2010 – 2014

Bachelor in Engineering, Computer Science section.

2004 – 2010

CESS at Lycée Emile Jacqmain (Scientifique A Section).


Karaoke / Cirque / Board games / Rubik's Cubing / Dance / Basket / Snowboard


French (Native) , English (Fluent) , Dutch (Basics)

28 ans ;) love you chouchou <3